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Ken and Linda Designs, LLC.

Designs for the Future

We Create Responsive Websites and Customized Databases to Meet Your Diverse Needs.

We collaborate with our customers to create Responsive Websites and customized Databases to meet the diverse needs of your unique business or organization.

We aim to learn all about your business or organization, enabling us to work in partnership with you to design a website and/or database to fully meet your organizational needs.

Responsive Websites are websites designed to open on the varied platforms in use today (PC, tablet, phone, Mac, etc.).

Our aim is to create your website to "Your Specifications", allowing your unique business be present in the public eye and seen on the web. Let us design the website you need for today and the future.

Databases are perfect for taking large or small amounts of data and organizing it in ways that allow it to be easily usable, searchable, sortable and reportable.

We work with you to determine your business's need for data and we will then develop the database, forms, reports and searches to meet those specifications.

Keep your company or organization up-to-date
with new features in website and database design.

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